How to find a new drain system for a modern wet room

If you are planning on making your shower room more than just functional, then you should consider installing some new ect wet room drains. Because, after all, this is what you will end up with: a modern room, where you could actually relax when taking a shower in the morning or a prolonged bath in the evening.

And if you are indeed considering this, then you probably know that the traditional point drains won’t suffice. They are everything that you need for a shower floor, but they have a completely obsolete design when it comes to wet rooms. From their less than discreet shape, to the place where they are positioned (usually in the middle of the room), this isn’t a choice to consider any longer.How to find a new drain system for a modern wet room

Instead of these types of drains, you should consider the latest drainage system technology on the market. Instead of these types, you should consider the linear or channel drains as your next wet room floor drains. With a modern design, stylish and reliable, these drains are the first thing you should consider when deciding to have a wet room.

In no way they will be positioned in the middle of the room, like the traditional point ones. Instead, they will be placed beside one of the wet room’s walls, as inconspicuous as possible. With the right gratings, nobody will even notice them. For this reason also, the floor tiles won’t have to be concentrically and visibly tilted – a slight inclination of the floor towards the drains will do just fine.

Then, because they are basically straight profiles placed beside a wall, you won’t have to spend time cutting the tiles near it, for a better fit. And this will greatly reduce the risk of water infiltrating beneath the tiles.

As their name suggests, the linear drains are channels masked by gratings – but channels nonetheless. Because of their larger surface, they can collect larger volumes of water, being again the best choice for a modern wet room. More importantly, because of their larger surface, the risk of clogging is also reduced – so this is yet another reason why you should choose linear wet room drains.

But this isn’t all – a modern solution should also have a modern design. And while our channel drains come with all sorts of designs, you can improve on them yourself. You can personalize them in any way that you want it, from the material from which they are made to personalized gratings to even LED lighting.

The channel drains can be discreet and unnoticeable – but only if you want it.

People tend to dismiss purchasing a new drain system until the very last moment – and this, usually, leads to ulterior complications. The drain system should be the first to change when moving into a new house, just like it should be one of the first ones to be changed if you want to increase the quality of your lifestyle.

Be one of those people who know how important the wet room channel drains are and give us a call. Our professional technicians will answer all your questions and guide you in the right direction. Whether you will choose the new and improved linear drains, whether you will choose the traditional point drain system, it is all up to you.

Call us and then pay us a visit – this will be an investment that will certainly pay off.