Get a total transformation for your wet room

Get a total transformation for your bathroom or wet room with the new line of shower drains

If you are planning on remodeling your bathroom or wet room, think again before you say it’s going to be expensive and time consuming. With the new technologies available on a larger scale and the new materials that promise and offer durability and quality at a lower price, your expenses will drop to a minimum and the end result you surely be satisfactory. We have used the new technologies and materials and the design and making of our shower drains for maximum of utility and efficiency and to get a high quality product that can satisfy all tastes and that can be available to any kind of budget. Now is the era where you can have the bathroom you seen in a magazine, as the products that are on the market have all the qualities to help you build a strong, durable, highly efficient and comfortable bathroom, the one that you have dreamed of building for you and your family. Best wetroom gully.

Now it’s the time to get the best in the line of home improvement and more particular, in the line of bathroom drainage and pluming and for that you can partner with us and we will provide the best accessories at the best price, so you get the satisfaction of having an amazing, chic and elegant and also reliable bathroom without having to blow out your savings. Cut your expenses by making the smart choices and get to see how the dream of a modern and luxurious bathroom or wet room can come true right under your eyes.

The secret to achieving perfection is by paying attention to the details and making sure that everything is done and polished by using only high quality products that will last you for years and years to come, without having to give up on design and on the esthetic side. Make the smart choices when it comes to shower drains, as these will be the finishing accents that will complement the overall design, but will also keep you safe from any pluming malfunction and make sure that all the water gets drained, and not accumulating on the floor, gathering humidity and emanating an annoying smell.

We will be your partners in building your dream bathroom and will provide the shower drain that will transform your bathroom from a doll and outdated space into a chic, relaxing and elegant space, a true spa right inside your house, the perfect place for relaxation and for washing down the your stress, frustration and the exhaustion that you build over the day. Get this chic and elegant space at the lowest price and we will make sure that you also get quality and durability by providing the best shower drains on the market.

The styles, models, shapes and sizes are extremely varied, to meet every need, suit any taste and satisfy any exigency. So no matter what design you choose for your bathroom, modern or classical, minimalist or romantic, no matter what shape or size your bathroom or wet room, you will surely find the in your catalogue the exact model you need, the special one that will be the finishing touch to an amazing bathroom.  The sky is the limit and you can trust your instinct in creating a relaxing space while we provide the accessories that will allow you to be confident that this will last you for a great deal of years, no surprises and no malfunctions, no rust and no clogs to ruin your day or your bathroom. More tips…

Improving obsolete drain systems

When you realize that the floor shower drains in your wet room are faulty it is already too late – by the time you see water overflowing or you notice the musty smell of stagnant water, the damage will have already been done. And that is because the water already flooded and, most likely, you will have to change the floor tiles, check the electric system, see if the water reached the basement and so on. So, if you are moving or just renovating, don’t dismiss changing the drainage system – it is as important as all the others in the house. Choose the best stainless steel drainage channel system.

Granted, you don’t even notice it when working – and this happens with everything else in the house. For example, you only notice that there might be a problem at the electrical system when there is frequent power fluctuation. Or you only notice that there is a problem with the vents when it is too hot in the house, despite the air conditioner functioning at the prescribed parameters.

So the stainless steel drainage gully in your wet room are as important as anything else – and if they weren’t properly maintained, then you should definitely change them.

There are quite a few solutions out there, from which you can choose – but none is so modern and so advanced as the channel or the linear drains. Long and narrow profiles (which need to respect a minimum opening, though), they are low maintenance and easy to install – you can do it all by yourself! Because of their positioning (beside one of the walls of the wet room), they are hardly noticeable and can be cleansed simply enough, with just a piece of cloth.

Because they don’t collect the water directly into the drain, the risk of clogging is greatly reduced – the impurities are collected on the profile and not in the collecting drain. Because of the same reason, these types of drains can also handle larger flows of water – which is always useful, especially for larger families or families with children.

Also because of their positioning, the risk of infiltrations is reduced. If for a traditional drain you had to have a concentric tilt towards the drain, for these new and improved floor drains you will need only a small inclination towards the wall they are positioned beside. And this is also the reason why they are so easy to install – you don’t have to bother yourself with respecting a concentric tilt of the floor tiles.

Depending on the opening of the drain, you can also choose between modern designs of the grating – and, if nothing suits your preferences, you can opt for a personalized design. If you can add a bit of your own personality to your new purchase, maybe you should do that. Of course, you can do that in various other ways – which can go as far as installing various accessories.

Our teams of professional technicians are always at your disposal, ready to answer your questions and guide you towards the perfect choice. So give us a call and find out more about these new and improved floor drains.

Whether you are moving, whether you are renovating, make this a top priority of yours – and then enjoy your relaxing showers and baths!

A swimming pool’s heavy duty worker

If you were to thank something for enjoying your time in the swimming pool, than that something should be the water circulation pump. It isn’t the water heater, it isn’t the sand filter pump, it isn’t any other extra feature – the circulation pump is basically the heart of the swimming pool, ensuring a constant flow of water in the pool.

This keeps the water fresh, keeps it disinfected, as warm as you want it to be, and so on. The role of the circulation pump is to, basically, take the water from the pool, pass it through systems such as the heating and filtering ones, and then return it to the pool again. Without it, the water will become stagnant after just one day.

It is, in a way, what a heart does to a living body – so how can you prolong its life?

Well, any water circulation pump is low maintenance. For example, if you notice impurities in the water, then the sand filter may be broken or malfunctioning. So the circulation pump should be closed until the problem is remedied. If you don’t do so, then the circulation pump itself will become clogged with impurities, which will bring you yet another problem to solve. Tricks…

Of course, it may pass a while until you notice that the sand filter doesn’t do it job any longer – but, for that, there is the lint and impurities basket of the circulation pump. If you notice something out of place, make sure to turn it off as soon as possible. As far as the sand filter pump is concerned, the sand within it can be changed pretty easily – once you’ve done that, remove any impurities from the lint basket and turn the circulation pump back on.

The same process is available for all the other systems – basically, if everything is perfect with every system, then everything will be ok with the circulation pump. The other systems are the heating one, the dehumidifier (especially for indoor swimming pools), the ozonator, as well as the others.

The water circulation pump is also the one responsible for feeding disinfectants and mineral purifiers into the swimming pool. This all may seem complicated, but it isn’t – just call your provider (which may as well be us, if you are planning on installing a new swimming pool or upgrading your older one) and have them install a screen touch display. This usually comes with a remote control too.

By doing so, you have spared yourself from plenty of trouble – on that display you will be able to see all the functions of the swimming pool, as well as those extra features which don’t work properly. You are the one who sets the parameters (such as the temperature of the water, or the exact quantity of disinfectant), so you will always know if anything is out of order.

And if any of them doesn’t work properly, make sure to remedy the situation – if not, the heart of the swimming pool may fail as well.

For more information about the water circulation pump of your swimming pool, call us now – our technicians will be more than happy to provide assistance.

Let us lend a hand for all the pesky house chores

If you want to have more free time on your hands, let ASK Hextable cleaners lend you one – for all the house and gardening chores, our teams of professional maids and cleaning technicians are the only ones you will need.

The usual services performed by our teams are the spring cleaning and the end of tenancy cleaning – for these, from the front door until the attic, our maids and cleaning technicians will remove even the last speck of dust. However, you don’t need to call us just for these – you don’t need to call us to take care of the entire house. You can call us even if you want just your oven cleaned, for example, or even if you just want the windows cleaned.

Our maids and cleaning technicians don’t need any kind of supervision while performing the chores. All they need to know is what needs to be cleaned. The Hextable cleaners will arrive at your house even if you are about to leave and will finish just in time for your arrival. Rest assured, all your requirement will be fulfilled.

However, if by any chance you are not satisfied by their work, please give us a chance to remedy any unwanted situation. Call us again (within a given timeframe, depending on the services you required) and another team will come by your place, free of any charge.

We are certain that you will call us back – but only after a while, when you will need our services once again.

We have diversified our offer even more in the last couple of years, to encompass any kinds of activities in an around the house. In this way, for example, our teams can provide assistance when you are having a larger gathering at your house. Besides the after-party cleaning duties, they can provide assistance before the said meeting (in the kitchen or with the decorating duties), as well as during it (with the waiting services).

As far as this area is concerned, Hextable cleaners is the one company which can be called for any kind of duties.

And we are talking, of course, about the office cleaning and office building maintenance ones. As far as the cleaning duties are concerned, they are the regular ones, such as the window cleaning and the rubbish removal. However, you can also call us for wallpapering, painting, plumbing services, as well as any other kinds of duties which will modernize and make the working environment a safer one. Read more tips…

As said, our cleaning technicians don’t need any kind of supervision, so their schedule can be made for the after working hours. To not interfere with the work of your employees, they can arrive either in the evening, either in the weekends. In any way, you will too find satisfaction.

By appealing to our exhaustive services, you won’t have to appeal to different companies – just call us and you will have resolved most if not all of your cleaning related problems. In this way, you will save both time and money. And while money seems to be the most important, it is the time which is the most valuable commodity in our modern world.

So why should you do the chores and waste your free time, when you can call Hextable cleaners? Give us a call and find out more about what we can do to help you.